If aluminium shadings, why Schlotterer?

Shades are perhaps the only group of building elements that can constantly evolve in every detail and remain innovative. In Hungary, many companies are engaged in the manufacture and installation of shading technology products, but we do not know of any that do not vary and assemble system products manufactured by others that can be bought on the international market.


What kind of solar protection does a constructor need? A constructor needs a reliable shading solution that is able to meet the general requirements, has a long lifetime, a high level of colour fastness (even under high UV exposure), can withstand today’s harsh weather conditions, and has a proper supply of spare parts if it’s damaged (mechanical impact) or at the end of its life.


Why do we design, supply and install Schlotterer products in the first place? It can be seen from the above list of qualitative aspects that, in addition to the many small details, the criteria that determine the user’s experience and security have quite a few essential components. Just think of the automotive industry, and this example will make our point immediately clear:
Would you buy a car that is assembled from tiny parts from factories far away from where it is assembled, but not by a close-knit team of designers, with thousands of hours of engineering work experience? No. Would you buy a car, the parts manufacturing of which and quality are not checked by the given car brand? Definitely not. Are there any serious and well-known car manufacturers that put their vehicles on the market without a self-established, well-monitored and coherent warranty and parts supply background? No; there are none, and nobody would buy from them, because they would not find a sane dealer or retailer.


Why have we drawn a parallel between shading and the automotive industry? Because, when you build a new house with transparent glass surfaces, you spend roughly the price of a (low- or mid-range) car on shading! And now please read the definition above again! Conformity to requirements, durability, colour fastness, repairability due to damage, spare parts supply.
These are exactly the criteria that our customers expect from us, which is why we deal with Schlotterer shades.

Schlotterer product assortment:

Venetian blinds

  • Top mounted (with internal housing): RESA
  • Front mounted (with external housing): VORO


  • Top mounted into the roller box (RESA RAFF)
  • Front mounted into the roller box (VORO RAFF)
  • Front mounted in raffstore box or without box (RAFF-S, RAFF-F)
  • Raffstore mounted on façades (RAFF A)

Insect Nets (IGI)

  • Sliding frame, roller, fixed and opening types

Textile blinds