These are the most important words we keep in mind as we work. We make customized solutions even from standard system components, taking maximum account of customer needs.

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We believe that there is a solution to every idea, as aluminium gives and uses opportunities, opening modes, glass sizes that our customers often do not even dream of. Our engineering team is constantly working to make even the impossible a reality!

We believe that in addition to traditional solutions in the field of windows and doors, renewal is also needed, so our R&D (research and development) team is working on a new generation of window and door solutions.

So KAV is at the same time an innovative design company, a team of engineers working on special solutions, a manufacturer of windows and doors and an installation company. We are proud that our unique needs assessment, ideas presented during the quotation phase and work organization have now become an integral part of the KAV brand.

Let's build a new generation of buildings and windows together!

30 / 03 / 2020
We will come out of this situation even stronger
We will come out of this situation even stronger
Measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic have created unexpected situations in almost every area of our lives and economies. In this situation, how can we put in place competitive, proactive, and workable, yet effective procedures to serve customer needs? Károly Lovász, Managing Director of the company, reports on the changes at KAV.
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18 / 03 / 2020
Custom windows and doors beyond the standards
Custom windows and doors beyond the standards
Just as in many areas of the world, ‘unique’ and ‘self-expression’ are the strongest buzzwords; so change the needs of architects and developers. However, most door and window manufacturers are finding it difficult to go beyond the standard items, although this area also offers many innovations in the field of architecture when it comes to sincerely rethinking structures.
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27 / 02 / 2020
The goal: carbon neutral buildings by 2050
The goal: carbon neutral buildings by 2050
In the context of climate change, the issue of environmental awareness is increasingly raised, not only in everyday life but also in the context of the built environment. We explored ways to minimize the carbon footprint of a building with architect Mónika Tornóczky, Product Manager at Alukönigstahl, as the Central European Representative for Schüco and Jansen.
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