Janisol Arte sliding doors

Steel instead of Aluminium?


Steel windows and doors have become an essential element in unique residential buildings today. Whether used for interior space separation or exterior façade applications, the slim steel profiles offer previously unknown possibilities. With one of our leading partners, Jansen, offering high-quality steel door and window solutions using the Janisol Arte sliding doors and its system. The product range includes door and window systems ideal for residential buildings and communal projects alike. You can work with thermally insulated (exterior façade) and non-thermally insulated (interior) profile options while maintaining a nearly identical appearance. The product range also includes well-known curtain walls and skylights. Thus eliminating the need to change suppliers when dealing with larger glass areas. KAV manufactures steel openings from existing system components through custom welded connections. These then are the finished frame, and can be surface-treated in any color.


The Engineering and Preparation of Janisol Arte Sliding Doors


The engineering preparation and commerce of Janisol Arte sliding doors and windows began with the demands arising in residential buildings and later expanded to the communal sector. Jansen, one of Europe’s leading steel opening system manufacturers known for its high-quality components, is also a strategic partner of Schüco. During the technical preparation and production process, we ensure the precision characteristic of KAV. It defines the design, production, and installation processes. KAV’s steel doors and windows reflect the world of premium openings in their internal technology, reliability, style, and components. What sets us apart in the market is our commitment to added value, which our customers are already familiar with and appreciate. We produce products made from components continuously tested by our suppliers with the high quality and engineering precision characteristic of KAV. Our in-house installation team ensures the necessary attention during installation and provides proper maintenance and service.


Within a building, the quality of surface treatment allows for the mixed use of both aluminum and steel openings. Occasionally, architects apply steel doors or windows within aluminum openings when there are narrow aesthetic requirements. Let your imagination run wild! By mixing aluminum and steel systems, your building can achieve both functionality and appearance to the fullest.