KAV Treasure
Dream / Optivision

KAV Optivision brossure

Downloadable brochure. Unique door and frame in a plane with the glass, completely rethinking of the popular window and balcony door structure with the turn-tilt function. It is a favorite of architects and designers, as a real glass wing effect can be achieved by installing the hidden case. Our product is based on Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI+, and was developed in cooperation with SCHÜCO.

Dream / Indivision

KAV Indivision brossure

Downloadable brossure. The load-bearing frame set-up of a patented product of KAV® is a transparent, aluminium foam profile, which is the first element of a more complex frame system for unique windows and doors.

Dream / Slyvision

KAV Slyvision brossure

Downloadable brossure. The world's most unrestricted sliding door movement mechanism. With our patented innovation, you decide the direction in which you move your sliding door wings. Our Slyvision® products feature a fully concealed frame system and a super-variable operating mechanism, so you can follow interior or facade design changes with your unique windows and doors.