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Jansen doors and windows

Steel instead of Aluminium?


As a leading residential aluminum door and window manufacturer in Hungary, KAV also offers high-quality Jansen steel doors and windows.


Steel doors and windows have become an indispensable element in modern residential buildings. Whether used for interior space division or external façade applications. The steel profiles offer previously unknown design possibilities. In partnership with Jansen, a leading manufacturer, KAV provides high-quality steel door and window solutions with products like Janisol Arte, Janisol fire-resistant, and thermally broken Economy systems. These product categories cater to both residential and communal projects. They include well-known curtain walls and glass roofs, eliminating the need to change suppliers when dealing with larger glass areas.


Throughout the technical preparation and manufacturing processes, we ensure the precision characteristic of KAV, defining the design, production, and installation phases. KAV’s steel doors and windows reflect the premium world of windows and doors, showcasing reliability, style, and quality in their internal components. Our products, crafted from components continuously tested by our suppliers, adhere to KAV’s high-quality standards and engineering precision. Our in-house installation team guarantees the necessary attention during installation and provides appropriate maintenance and service support.


Within a single building, the quality of surface treatment allows for the combination of both aluminum and steel products. Architects often use aluminum windows with occasional steel doors or windows, especially when a sleek appearance is required. Challenge your imagination! By mixing aluminum and steel systems, you can enhance the utility and aesthetics of your building.


In the product category of Jansen doors and Jansen windows, you’ll find ideal solutions for both residential and communal projects, including thermal bridge-free (external) and thermally broken (non-thermal insulation, internal) types. These components also include well-known curtain walls and glass roofs. KAV manufactures steel doors and windows using customized welded joints from existing system components.

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