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KAV closing systems in Költő Kert (Poets Garden)

Environmental consciousness is the main message of the villa home programme, Költő Kert, launched in the autumn of 2016, entirely utilising renewable energy. In the implementation of the uniquely styled buildings, luxury has been combined with natural elements. In the design, the huge glass surfaces of the building are outstanding, and KAV Hungária receives a prominent role in its implementation. We talked about the upcoming project with Gábor Városi, the art consultant and investor and the man who dreamt up Költő Kert.

If one looks at your works, it immediately stands out that you use genuinely unique and very characteristic solutions. How do these ideas, which seem to be unusual at first, come to you?

Gábor Városi: To begin with, I have to emphasise that I am not an architect. I prefer to say instead that I am a producer with good taste. I participated in a few luxury projects and I found there’s a lack of genuinely excitingly designed properties in the Hungarian market that are completed and filled with works of art, paintings or sculptures. The fact of a property being fully furnished is indeed exceptional. I like to dream of such properties. At the beginning of the project, I select architects that I want to work with. I do not try to draw the ideas in my head; I’d rather share the direction with them and from then on a lot depends on the creativity of the architects. This is a synergy. I always ask them not to start from the clean version but from a sketch, which is really extreme and absurd in many cases, and then to start rationalising the design. It is a real adventure for me to create something a bit extreme, but which one can relate to. Many say about my projects that they are too much. But, using a metaphor from the automotive industry, it is not compulsory for everybody to build a Bugatti Veyron. On the other hand, we want to. Our houses are not cheap since there are a great many details, developed at a high price. What is more, the process is always associated with genuine expertise. I think this is obvious since, in terms of functionality, it is not possible to invent anything better. And, on top of it, there is always an element that is very-very extreme and exciting.

What is this element in Költő Kert?

Gábor Városi: The rail. This element surfaces in my last three investments: a very delicate, ultra-lightweight rail structure. The other parts of the building are rather functional and streamlined. There is one more thing that I usually do not give up: these are the arcs. In other words, humans feel a lot better in a space that spins to some extent and feels like it hugs them rather than in a cube shaped space. As such, if it’s possible, we always seek to create an arced space. Although it is a bit more difficult to construct, it is however not that much more expensive, inasmuch as it gives a twist.

One more thing stands out as I look at the design. A huge amount of glass surface appears on the buildings. Why did glass as a material become so decisive?

Gábor Városi: For me it is a rule: if a wall can be made of glass then we should build it from glass. I like it when a house has a direct relationship with its environment and so the people inside might feel a bit as if they were outside. As far as possible. we also like glass on the roof. Of course it should be treated with care and, in terms of heat technology, it should be kept in mind that the place should also remain inhabitable when the sunshine is very strong in the summer.

Why did you decide to choose KAV?

Gábor Városi: There are two important issues. Their presentation was very convincing, as well as how seriously they dealt with the material. But, even more importantly: I always look for co-workers for whom participation in a project is useful for their development and on whom I can also rely as creators. We involve them in the process and count on their ideas and creativity, since we have to define a feasible technical content that is exciting and provides good value for money. We like it when partners put their heart and soul into the joint work. When they do not only want to resolve a task but also continuously monitor quality. Back then, Gaudi’s creation method was to question the masters and, when he could really believe in someone, he granted some decision-making powers to them. I also very much like to motivate people and my partners. Anyway, the final goal is an emblematic building that can almost work as a statue. I look for partners for this. Indeed, I am present in the process in a similar way to a producer. I try to choose a scenario with good taste, to encourage people to add something to it, and the end result is a synergy, a joint creation process. So I exclusively enjoy working with people with a sense of phantasy, who enjoy starting an adventure, and with whom we build on each other with our ideas and motivate each other. KAV was very like-minded rom this aspect, too. If they work with this power, creativity and a positive attitude, we will resolve issues that seem to be impossible at first.

Magócsi Anikó
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