2018 / 06 / 11
„KAV also helps the work of architects”

From now on, KAV assists the work of architects with a complimentary consulting service. This is because, closing systems are such special structural elements that their thorough knowledge and following the trends is nearly impossible for those not specialised in this field. Now architects may ask their questions of Norbert Kiss, who worked as a designer for a long time himself, and now he has been strengthening the KAV team for years.

Why do you need an architect advisor at a company engaged in closing systems? What is your job?

My task is primarily to assist the work of architects by responding all questions arising in connection with closing systems. This is a special field, and architects need to perform rather intricate, comprehensive work; they have to be adept in many things. With this professional support, I can take the load of looking around in this field off them. One cannot expect architects to follow closing system trends on an ongoing basis. Of course I aim to make them aware of the KAV workings method and products. It is important that they can feel they can trust the work we do. I experienced earlier how good it is to receive such a helping hand in the design, and how much you miss when there is nobody to contact.

What is so special, characteristic of KAV only, which makes you want to present to architects? And, in your opinion, why it is the right time for the company to launch this service?

Our structure, attitude and thinking are different from those of other market players. Our thinking is strongly solution-focused and we are able to resolve nearly impossible structures. The added intellectual capital, the engineering activity invested in is a lot higher with us, and it is important that architects can see this. Obviously we tried to help architects in everything until now but the company reached the development level and engineering headcount that a designated professional is able to do this work.

Why can KAV be really attractive for architects?

The majority of similar companies try to sell the products they distribute or manufacture rather than adjusting the end product to the specific needs arising. As such, they try to channel a house’s or project’s development in a direction where they can integrate the products they prefer. In our case however, our credo is to align the product or service to the needs. We always aim to ensure that all of the architect’s ideas can be implemented.

Why do you think it is a help for architects that there is a designated person at a company who deals with them?

There is somebody to contact. If there is no designated person, it is more difficult to establish a personal and professional relationship. Architects are aware of the work carried out by a company like us and that is why it is more difficult for them to call colleagues randomly. However, if there is a specific person they have as a personal contact, who they know either in person or via the phone, then they know they can contact them any time. Many times they do not even try to ask for help if they only know the central phone number or email. Besides, architects typically work a lot in the evening and at night and therefore they have to make decisions and get information at times that are not necessarily considered working time by everybody. A personal relationship may be helpful in this case, since you are much likely to call somebody you know at 7 p.m. than a complete stranger who is unlikely to be reachable.

Otherwise, how much focus is put on closing systems during the design of a house?

During the design process an, architect obviously goes from larger masses to details. They therefore hardly think through what closing systems the specific building would need. Then they arrive at the issue of closing systems, but then many things need to be resolved by us. Closing systems are very complicated; there are many systems and solutions in existence. One of them offers more or is better in size; the other is moveable, and the third is better in weight or insulation. An architect is therefore not capable of knowing the entire range. What is more, these are moving structures. They need someone in any case to help them get to know these minor details, constraints and possibilities they are not aware of.

What would be right time for you to join this process?

Quite early. Obviously it is impossible to join at the time of the concept design, because then only the surfaces are considered. But it would be important to discuss the details and boundaries that can be used before the completion of the licensing or notification design documentation. I don’t otherwise need to know the project to be able to help with what can be done but at a great expense or what cannot be done even in technical terms. If necessary, we may be consulted via the phone or on an external site. However, the aim would be that colleagues come to visit us, since here I can immediately show what we are talking about and they can become acquainted with the operation of our company.

Norbert Kiss
Architectural advisor. KAV Hungária Kft.
Tel.: +36 20 452 8615

Magócsi Anikó
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