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Schüco AWS 75
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Schüco AWS 75

Schüco AWS 75 – the most optimal, well-insulated aluminium window system with a variety of solutions


With an installation depth of 75mm. The Schüco AWS system is a high-quality product family in terms of functionality, energy and design. The Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window insulation is energetically optimally designed with a Uf = 1.2 W/m2 K value, with a visible profile width of 95mm. SimplySmart technology significantly simplifies production with its energy-optimised central turn seal and new glazing rebate insulation. When combined with the new generation of mechanical hardware from Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart. Significant time savings are also possible during installation. The Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+ block window system, with its slim design and its ability to transmit as much light as possible, also meets the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and architecture through concealed window sashes. The highly insulated Schüco AWS 75 WF.SI aluminium window system, based on the Schüco block window system+, has been specially developed for the economical manufacturability of ribbon windows, floor-to-ceiling windows and lysine-dividing ribbed exterior designs.


Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window


– Highly insulated aluminium window system with energy-optimised glazing rebate insulation, central turn seal and a new contour of PA insulation profiles, from Uf = 0.92 W/m2K value upwards
– Uf value: 1.2 W/m2K at a visible profile width of 117mm, with Uw = 0.90 W/m2K, and Ug = 0.6 W/m2K value
– special external casings that meet modern needs can be ordered for economical modernisation
– an outward opening system is also available
– middle turn seal with fins using microcellular rubber
– the external appearance of the sash is available in Standard type and Residential Line type


Manufacturing advantages of SI+ :


– the glazing rebate insulation is manufactured as a moulded piece, thus eliminating manual, time-consuming work phases and reducing installation time


Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+ window


– block window system with concealed sash, excellent insulation at an installation depth of 75mm; Uf value is 1.3 W/m2K at a visible profile width of 89mm, and Uw <1.0 W/m2K with three-layer glazing, also in Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI+ variation, from Uf = 1.4 W/m2K
– very slim visible profile width from 67mm with invisible sash
– comprehensive lysine profile range up to a visible profile width of 44mm, case profile up to a width of 51mm, centre opening and sash distribution profiles


Manufacturing advantages of BS.SI+ :


– optimised thermal insulation due to the new centre gasket; easy installation thanks to the innovative combination of components


Schüco AWS 75 WF.SI+ window


Aluminium window systems combine the excellent thermal insulation properties of plastic and wooden windows with the advantageous properties of aluminium. Longevity, solidity, slim visible profiles, and a variety of design options that can be translocated into large-area light-transmitting shapes.

– highly insulated window curtain wall with a slim outer visible profile width from 50mm
– excellent insulation and easier installation thanks to the new, optimised centre gasket, from Uf value 1.3 W/m2K, and at Uw <1.0 W/m2K with three layers of glazing


Manufacturing advantages of WF.SI+ :


– the diversity of designs thanks to the range of different cover strips in the Schüco FW 50+ from the curtain wall system

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