Reynaers SL 38

From Hungary’s leading* residential aluminum door and window manufacturer


Reynaers SL 38 ultra-slim visible frame aluminum window system for residential homes and residential projects.

Since its founding in 1965, Reynaers has grown from a small Belgian family business to one of Europe’s largest aluminum door and window system providers. Their product range strategy differs slightly from their large German or Scandinavian competitors’ assortments because, due to their Belgian family house sales roots, they considered the residential market to be developed from the very beginning. Today, Reynaers’ aluminum products range from the glass surfaces of communal unique structural tower buildings to the smallest residential (vertical asymmetrical pivot doors, to give them their foreign name).


There is truly no blind spot that would require the installation of the products of other competitors:


  • Casement, tilt, tilt-turn, turn windows (in standard and hidden sash designs)
  • Balcony doors, tilt-turn balcony doors, balcony doors
  • PASK (tilt-slide) balcony door
  • Parallel window (frame) rising window (in the frame or its own frame)
  • Folding windows
  • Sliding windows (with and without thermal bridges)
  • Lift-slide doors (up to 1-8 track systems, corner-opening, glass-to-glass corner solutions)
  • Framed and frameless sliding doors (glass-to-glass corner, corner-opening)
  • Folding doors
  • Entry doors
  • Curtain walls (in conventional and modular designs, wood and steel versions)
  • Winter gardens
  • Roof windows
  • Glazed openings in curtain walls (tilt, tilt-turn, parallel window, structural, i.e., hidden windows)
  • Interior windows and doors
  • Interior glass structures room dividers
  • Bulletproof, fire-resistant, burglary-resistant structures
  • Asymmetrical pivot (PIVOT) entry doors.


In a family house designed according to Bauhaus principles and/or renovated with a Bauhaus style, windows and doors are typically made using steel or ultra-slim aluminum systems. From Reynaers SL 38 aluminum products, we manufacture three distinctive appearances:


  • Reynaers SlimLine 38 CLASSIC: Serving the renovation style most plastically.
  • Reynaers SlimLine 38 CUBIC: Exhibiting a cubist character in the frame-sash relationship.
  • Reynaers SlimLine 38 FERRO: Featuring a steel-look narrow-framed window.


The Reynaers SlimLine 38 window system was inspired by the loft renovation market, but it is designed to meet the contemporary thermal and acoustic requirements, which also include the Bauhaus aesthetic. The SL 38 aluminum window system caters to designers and clients with its narrow-framed glazing solutions, but certain criteria must be considered:


  • While it provides good thermal insulation and wind resistance, it cannot be used in passive houses.
  • It does not include sliding or lift-and-slide door products; it’s designed solely as a window system.
  • The sash closure is mechanical (manual), but visible motors can be installed if desired.
  • It can only move small sash weights and is not designed for heavyweight sashes.
  • It supports mullion connections and floorplan angles at a system level, but not corner openings. The structure can be “endlessly” extended on the facade using KAV’s special mullion method.
  • In addition to silicone glass-to-glass assembly, you can also use a system mullion reinforced with equally slim aluminum profiles.
  • Larger (higher, wider, or with substantial glazing layers) balcony door sash types differ in appearance from the windows.
  • Matching entry door types are available.