Reynaers Masterline 8

From Hungary’s market-leading manufacturer of residential aluminium doors and windows

Reynaers MasterLine 8 aluminium window system for detached houses and residential projects

Reynaers MasterLine 8, a unique product on the aluminium doors and windows market, has become a favourite product of end-customers, thanks to its expanded size limits, appearance and wide range of applications. Also, with some undisguised development objectives in mind, manufacturers are also happy to work with this product, since the integration and special interchangeability of the profile and fittings groups significantly facilitate warehousing and production processes.


The product is produced in three different thermal insulation designs:

  • Reynaers MasterLine 8 Standard, a window system with standard thermal insulation technology
  • Reynaers MasterLine 8 HI, a window system with reduced thermal transmittance
  • Reynaers MasterLine 8 HI+, a window system with excellent thermal insulation


Aluminium windows with special designs

In the Reynaers MasterLine 8 aluminium window system range, we not only produce traditional case-sash products, as there is also considerable demand for a hidden sash design, too. In addition, our customers can also choose the by-now commonplace ventilation sash – which can be hidden from the outside with the façade cladding – that can not only be integrated into the MasterLine 8 portal system but also into our Reynaers Masterpatio lift-and-slide system. Low threshold opening patio doors with integrated glass railing, traditional PASK or other special hardware, as well as various case and sash designs, can be built from this product line.


Aluminium doors and windows from a Belgian system supplier

Since its establishment in 1965, Reynaers has grown from a small Belgian family business to one of the largest aluminium door and window system suppliers in Europe. They considered the retail market (due to their Belgian roots in family home sales) worth developing from the very outset, hence their product range differs somewhat from the assortment of their large German or Scandinavian competitors. Reynaers aluminium products now range from glass surfaces in communal custom-built tower buildings to the smallest residential door.


There is really no blind spot that would require a Reynaers manufacturer to install products from others in the market as well:


  • side-hung, tilting, tilt-and-turn, turn-and-tilt window (in standard and hidden sash designs)
  • patio door, tilt-and-turn patio door, balcony door
  • PASK (tilt-and-slide) patio door
  • parallel window (in frame) rising window (in frame or own case)
  • accordion window
  • sliding windows (with thermal bridge and thermal-bridge free)
  • lift-and-slide (systems between 1 to 8 rails, corner opening, glass-glass corner solutions)
  • sliding doors in framed and frameless versions (glass-glass corner, corner opening)
  • accordion doors
  • front doors
  • curtain walls (traditional, elemental design, wood and steel-fitted versions)
  • conservatories
  • skylights
  • doors and windows placed in a curtain wall (tilting, tilt-and-turn, parallel window, structural, i.e. hidden window)
  • indoor windows, doors
  • indoor glass structures, room dividers
  • bulletproof, fire-retardant, burglar-proof structures
  • asymmetrical revolving (PIVOT) front door