Louvre blinds

Schlotterer aluminium louvre blinds – RaffstoreEuropean architects usually use louvre blinds in front of transparent glass surfaces (with large surfaces) to provide sun shading. The simple and practical reason for this is that, in front of a large surface area, only this type of product can work well as a continuous diffuser, where the user can control the light in steps, and, last but not least, it fits in well with more domesticated façades, too.

– With the Schlotterer RAFF-S range, design freedom can really shine through. Schlotterer’s designers have thought of everything: the shade is sophisticated in every detail, yet functional and aesthetically pleasing.

– The Schlotterer RAFF-S lamella range consists of 3 types. Quality of the lamella is characterised by the fact that all types are quite strong yet slim. These are recessed at the edges and are perfectly matched to the window or door in colour and design. These three types also differ in knowledge, case and appearance:

• 80R – traditional looking “C” shaped lamella (due to its price, its use is rather limited to municipal buildings, it is not light-blocking, and it has no additional functions)

• 92V – “Z” shaped in cross-section, it is robust at first glance, has an elegant appearance and light-blocking properties. It is the perennial favourite of the Schlotterer RAFF products.

• 80D (Retrolux). Patented innovative solution due to the special shape and the angles of the lamella-ladder elements adjusted according to an algorithm. With all the shading you need, it can direct natural outdoor light onto the indoor ceiling, so you can enjoy around 70-80% of the light without shading in your living space. This product saves energy in terms of artificial lighting and cooling!

– Its sleek, yet sturdy, running rails can accommodate a plastered finish, even in the standard product version. It is possible to lift the footing in a stable and aesthetic manner to allow insect nets to be mounted later.

– The Schlotterer RAFF product line, all elements of which are designed in-house, is built for increased use, offers a high level of comfort and can be further enhanced with accessories. It was the first in Europe to be tested and declared in the accredited quality control laboratory in Rosenheim to have a wind resistance of 100km/h without permanent deformation!

– At Schlotterer, we are uncompromising in terms of width and height limits. We don’t apply the general Hungarian procedure where the manufacturer or the retailer will say “it isn’t allowed, but we’ll fix it” in response to the customer’s emphatic question. The customer expects durability and longevity from Schlotterer, and the size limits guarantee it.

– Schlotterer RAFF shades are available with all operating and control models. The integrated motors and cranks guarantee the highest life expectancy in the shading market. We have compatible and reliable solutions to work with building management systems, and we are happy to collaborate in their design and development.

– The conduction of RAFF systems is basically by rail, but it is also possible to use thermal (thermal-bridge-free) rails or even wire conduction.

– Schlotterer IGI insect nets can be ordered (even subsequently) for all Schlotterer RAFF systems. The IGI family of insect nets offers opening, spring-operated (can be pulled down or to the side), fixed (with multiple mounting methods) and sliding (up to multiple sashes) designs. With the exception of a few IGI types, most people purchase the popular 4PLUS special woven mesh type because it not only provides professional insect protection, but also pollen filtration and 31% more light and 124% better air permeability than traditional grey PVC mesh.

– Our expert designers are available to facilitate preliminary junction design, whether the task is a simple junction box sizing or the creation of a more complex stone-covered junction between louvre blinds and insect nets.

– Thanks to the unique (Schlotterer factory) surface treatment, blinds and additional products can be ordered in the same structure, colour and finish as aluminium or steel doors and windows. Thanks to this, there is no need to compromise on aesthetics for later needs, as colour identity (reordering) is available for all Schlotterer products.

– Spare parts supply for Schlotterer shades and insect nets is very fast, even by European standards.