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Opening units of facades
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Opening units of facades

The opening units of facades are the perfect solution for combining various functions and design options. This results in harmony with Schüco window and door systems. These elements are compatible with curtain walls, sloped glazing, and roof glazing systems, designed to meet the highest thermal insulation requirements. From electronically operated roof windows to parallel outward-opening or tilt-and-slide windows, they provide a wide range of options for different applications. Depending on the installation location, these elements can meet various requirements. Including fire and smoke protection, sound insulation, intrusion resistance, and blast resistance while maintaining design uniformity.


With Schüco’s innovative opening units of facades solutions, you can achieve exceptional energy efficiency, safety, and comfort, thanks to their hidden mechatronics, central control systems, and integration with building automation. Schüco also offers element-based curtain wall systems that are economical, efficient, and provide attractive design possibilities. These versatile systems are the ideal choice for architects, designers, and builders seeking energy-efficient and secure building solutions.


Depending on the installation location, the opening units can be adapted to meet the various requirements of fire and smoke protection, sound insulation, anti-burglar protection and bullet-proof and explosion-proof standards, without breaking the integrity of the design.


Schüco opening units can be at the heart of an all-encompassing building concept with their concealed motorisation. Their drives and their connection to optional building automation to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, safety and comfort.


Energy2 – Energy Efficiency and Energy Utilization (Opening units of facades)

Depleting natural resources lead to rising energy costs and excessive carbon emissions, necessitating a shift in our thinking and the foundation of new strategies. The message and task are clear to current and future generations. Efficiently use energy resources, explore new forms of energy utilization. Reduce energy consumption, harness renewable energy sources, and protect the environment while promoting economic growth.

Energy efficiency and energy utilization are paramount. Schüco has named its model for building façades and components “Energy2.” It encompasses not only energy savings and utilization but also excellent design, seamless system integration, and enhanced façade safety. Schüco significantly contributes to these objectives today, with innovative curtain walls and glass roof systems. These are based on the well-established mullion-transom FW 50+ and FW 60+ curtain wall systems, meeting all current insulation requirements. Equipped with automated windows like Schüco AWS or built as a synergistic curtain wall system. Schüco curtain walls and glass roofs offer energy-efficient climate control, especially when combined with solar energy and photovoltaic modules.

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