Facade systems

The future of architecture will be shaped by energy-efficient building structure solutions. Perfectly harmonised solutions that optimally meet both the architectural and the technical requirements of facades and skylights will play a central role. To meet these needs, Schüco offers a unique aluminium modular system. This system enables architects, designers and building contractors to meet the highest standards in energy, safety, automation and design. Ranging from mullion/transom facade systems using steel and timber add-on constructions to structural glazing – including a wide variety of systems for opening units that can be integrated.Table of contents

  • Energy2 – Energy saving and energy recovery
  • Facades and safety
  • Facades and automation
  • Mullion/transom facades
  • Facades with add-on construction
  • Structural glazing facades
  • Unitised facades
  • Solutions for opening units compatible with skylight systems


Energy2 – Energy saving and energy recovery


Rising energy prices due to dwindling natural resources and excessive carbon emissions make it inevitable that we need to reshape our thinking and lay the foundations for new strategies. The message and the challenge for current and future generations are clear. To use energy resources efficiently and find new ways of energy recovery. Aiming to reduce energy use, use renewable energy sources and protect the environment while promoting economic growth.

The key challenge is energy saving and energy utilisation. Schüco has named this model of building facades and their components Energy 2. It’s not only about utilising energy, but also about excellent design. Automation connecting different systems and improved safety of building facades. Schüco is already making a significant contribution to this, for example with its innovative facade and skylight systems. Which is based on the proven FW 50+ and FW 60+ mullion/transom facade systems, which meet all current requirements for thermal insulation. Equipped with automated doors and windows, such as the Schüco AWS window. Or built as a synergic facade system combining solar energy and photovoltaic modules, Schüco facades and skylights can be air-conditioned in an energy-saving way.


Aluminium facade systems and safety


Safety can be interpreted in many ways. It’s not just about protection from the elements, cold and heat. It also means that the user feels safe in the space. Building facades play an important role in protecting property and human life. That is why Schüco facade and skylight systems can be equipped with effective fire, smoke and lightning protection, as well as effective anti-burglar, bulletproof and explosion-proof functions, in a range of grades to suit the customer’s needs. They are tailored to Schüco’s door and window systems and offer a comprehensive solution for every application.

Secure, but invisible: thanks to their identical external and internal visual appearance, all security systems can be combined “invisibly” for facades and skylights that do not require special security requirements. This also ensures a high degree of flexibility in design and layout.

Integrated sensors allow control over opening and closing doors and windows. In addition switching light fittings in facade and skylight systems on or off.

All Schüco safety equipment is tested by independent expert institutes (including earthquake testing), complies with national and international standards and meets the highest quality standards.


Facades and automation


By networking and controlling facades or functional elements integrated in skylights, building automation provides the potential to optimise the use of a building facade and increase comfort and security; for example, by providing automated access control systems or emergency exits.

The concealed mechatronic Schüco TipTronic fittings enable decentralised control of natural ventilation cycles by the user.
By centrally controlling the opening of windows at night, it is possible to cool the building at night in an efficient and energy-saving way.

Building automation will increasingly contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings in the future. Schüco is the ideal partner for this, because a wealth of experience and a high level of innovation are essential for the development of profile systems, fittings technology, drives and electronic control systems.


Unitised facades


Even for special architectural solutions using high-quality materials, cost-effective design and construction play an important role. For this reason, Schüco has also developed facade systems consisting of flexible components that are based on controlled system solutions and system modules. Including all the prefabricated components required for installation. Depending on the type of system, they can be used to build insulated, unitised facades showing the frame structure or consisting of flush-fitting structural glazing panels – with a high degree of economy, thanks to prefabricated units and attractive design options. And the flexible combination of system modules allows task-oriented requirements to be met with ease.

All the elements of the system, including the prefabricated units and the elements to be installed, have been tested by recognised institutes for optimum functionality and reduced design and structural complexity.

Schüco unitised facades offer controlled system solutions for large-format architectural solutions, in which economy, functionality and design are ideally balanced.


Compatible system solutions for facades and skylights


Schüco systems are built from unique, inter-compatible products. They allow the most demanding construction solutions for facades and skylights to be solved perfectly with maximum design freedom. Even for the most diverse functional requirements in the fields of energy, safety and automation.