Indivision® The world's first translucent door and window frame system

Indivision® The world's first translucent door and window frame system

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Thanks to our innovation efforts, we are renewing the market for doors, pivot doors, windows, and sliding doors. Our unique and stylish entrance door and glass wall solutions are designed based on your needs, one of the products manufactured according to one of KAV’s patents, is a load-bearing frame system made of light-transmitting aluminum foam reinforcement sections. The aluminum foam-reinforced light-transmitting frame system is the first element of a more complex door and window frame family. We began laying the foundations of KAV Indivision® in 2017, which has slowly evolved into a patent. We wanted to see a completely unique, unconventional, yet organic world in our facade glass fixtures. Today, the dream has become a reality because aluminum foam is not only a facade decoration but also a reinforcement. We pour the aluminum foam frame into a heat-insulating transparent section, creating a moldable and glass-bonding frame. The shapes of the aluminum foam are not repeated, making every aspect unique and irreplaceable.


Why was the product category named KAV Indivision®?


Because we can most easily express our feelings through colors in a transparent window or door frame. The aluminum foam-reinforced transparent section is equipped with RGB lighting, which can also be operated with building management. This way, with the frames of our house’s glazing, we can show our joy, sorrow, and mood to both the exterior and interior.


Our first prototype was a pivot entrance door, so it became the flagship of KAV Indivision®. Using the basic idea of our KAV Indivision® patent, we strive to offer not only an entrance door but to create a comprehensive product family.


Our entrance door is built on the foundation of the Reynaers PIVOT DOOR product. The play of lights and colors in your home is possible, thanks to the ability to freely change the color of the frame system and the reinforcing aluminum foam. Instead of aluminum foam, other types of lightweight metal reinforcing frames can be used for a unique appearance. You can have up to four layers of glazing, and the external and internal glass surfaces are in the same plane as the frame. The appearance is uniquely transparent, with connectable RGB LED ambient lighting. Maximum security is ensured by the double-sided locking.


Our current research and development activities are heading towards another patent, and we hope that soon the complete range of KAV Indivision® will become a favorite among designers and builders.

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