Forget what you’ve thought about doors and windows so far!


Forget what you’ve thought about doors and windows so far! Come and dream with us! Developed by the KAV engineering team. The DREAM door and window category is a group of custom-designed product line made to meet the needs of our customers.


Your dream from aluminium doors and windows just for you!


KAV is rooted in a unique philosophy of selling, designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium doors and windows. We target the technical extremes. Perhaps the simple structures in the catalogue can be manufactured by a competitor with a large team and a professionally mechanised plant, similar to ours. However, a different corporate mechanism is already needed to implement individual ideas, custom-designed, high or mechanically-operated aluminium doors and windows. KAV has developed a special operating model. While it was not easy for our engineers, working in the traditional world of door and window manufacturers for decades. They were however able to withdraw from the standard basics in a short time and evolve professionally. This thinking is the basis on which our team is able to implement the ideas of homeowners and architects. Which our competitors generally find unfeasible.


Under this philosophy, we create facade doors and windows, aluminium window and sliding door concepts and working prototypes. Of which, several are already awaiting patent registration. Several concepts and product families are in the planning phase. The detailed development and marketing of which is expected in the near future. Individual requests for a private residential building are not public, and it is rarely possible to display them on a website.


Custom doors and windows beyond standards!


When a homeowner is asked what the primary reason for choosing aluminium door and windows is. They mention the size limits relative to other material structures, alternative facade construction appearances, and the movement of heavy weights or the system of filigree frames. When designing the new KAV Dream products, we are refining these broad areas. We also emphasize the playful relationship with light. Sometimes we even fundamentally redesign systems based on the architect’s concept or the homeowner’s wishes, taking the building rules and culture of the country into account. We go further than other professionals, as we choose from a wider range of products, have our own factory and our suppliers include the largest European manufacturers and system administrators.


The development of our general glass optic product line, Optivision ©, was initiated by the demand for glass-glued front doors. The process started with a leaf glued flat with stained glass, today even the door case must be covered in glass. After the front door, there was also a demand for implementing a glass-optic window system. In these solutions, we did not focus on covering the casing frame but we aimed to create a tilt-and-turn structure element of a concealed sash design, on one level without a dividing rib, with the uniform appearance of a 3000 mm high, fixed field and opening sash. The Optivision© product project will be further extended in the future with a lifting-sliding product.