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Rethinking aluminium door and window solutions – KAV DESIGN

Aluminium doors and windows rethought by KAV – DESIGN
The aluminium door and window profile constructions offered in system catalogues, such as those of Schüco or Reynaers, are designed and manufactured and then built with the looks and capabilities required by the homeowner or architect, departing from the usual shapes. With this, KAV, unlike most of its competitors, has moved beyond the standard solutions developed by the system owners. This is how KAV’s proactive market-shaping activities began. While also meeting customer needs, with which it has now reached the world of unique products and world-leading patents.


Custom doors and windows from Schüco or Reynaers profiles


In the KAV DESIGN product range, we combine ingenuity with functionality. Our engineering team creates a unique look from the KAV HOME programme aluminium door and window solutions. Solutions with simple and practical modifications, using and matching new parts. As such, our Design products are characterised by special dimensions and solutions. That have rarely or even never been used in the field of frameless sliding doors, aluminium lifting-sliding doors, glass-glass connections, aluminium front doors and traditional aluminium windows.


Aluminium doors and windows beyond standards


In the world of Design windows, not only vertical and horizontal lines can be used in supporting the facade and the glass surface is given an even more pronounced role. Glass-to-glass corner solutions, extra-sized sash sizes, sometimes an in frame glued structure, aluminium or stainless steel handles and concealed motor opening solutions are all now available. In this product range, large aluminium door and window solutions, different from the tilt-and-turn structure can be made. So-called parallel opening, protruding parallel from the plane or tipping outwards, is also feasible. In the case of Design products, integration with building management systems, e.g. with KNX or LOXONE products, is also possible.


The range of Design aluminium sliding doors does not stop with the lifting-sliding systems to be found in the world of KAV HOME. We can show something new in this as well. We are not thinking of motorised lifting-sliding operation, as by now this is no longer a novelty. Here the real breakthrough is the unique, 3D printed corner solution of negative and positive angle breaks that can be realised in a wide range in the floor-plan line and the hidden stainless steel rod-reinforced glass-glass connections that may be used here. Of course, one can go even higher up here; you can move on to the category of frameless sliding doors (like the Schüco 77PD.HI or Reynaers Hi finity), which is already a world of partition widths below 40 mm and extra-large glass fields.


The movement of the glass surfaces may be achieved by manual or motor operation. It is essential to take the requirements and weight limits into account. At the same time, in addition to the special corner solutions and floor plan fractures of the aluminium lifting-sliding door, which is only available at KAV, the subsequent adjustment of the upper case due to floor deflections has also been solved using a special fastening method.