Aluminium doors

In this product category, you will find traditional aluminum doors and portal structures. These are created by adhering to the width, height, and weight limits set by our main system supplier partners (Reynaers and Schüco). By using the components, our engineers provide you with design and end-user freedom like perhaps no one else. We offer more than our competitors, as the product is made from well-known and proven components by a reliable and experienced company, with the characteristic high quality and engineering precision of KAV. Our own manufacturing facility, our teams of engineers operating in our facility and Budapest office, and our trained installation team are the guarantee of well-done work.

You have the opportunity to go beyond the usual constraints. We design and manufacture our own glued technology and/or glass-optic products, as well as special ironing and moving gates. If you would like a glass panel or gate with special operation, just let us know, and we will send you a design quote. Upon acceptance of our plan, we will manufacture these special products, but please note that there will be separate pricing, engineering hours, and production surcharges.

There is the possibility to place any thermal insulating glass panel in portal structures, such as:

  • Layer structures combined with privacy glass
  • Layer structures combined with sun-protective coated glass
  • Security (ESG, VSG) layer structures with RC certifications (in this latter case, the profiles, fittings, and installation points are also certified)
  • Layer structures combined with soundproof glass (in this case, the profiles and installation points may vary)
  • Motorized blinds placement between glass layers (with compliance to manufacturer size limits)

What else is important besides aluminum doors? The quality and organization of installation. Our own installation team guarantees the attention to detail and provides adequate maintenance and service during installation.

We can also provide special surface treatments or infill options. We undertake the installation and commissioning of controlled motorized door locking, motorized door leaf opening, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic door closers. KAV is authorized to manufacture certified products for so-called technical doors (fire-resistant, heat- and smoke-venting, panic). There is also the possibility of installing other special fittings, but the design and implementation of these are subject to individual engineer hourly rates.

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